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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Buzzword: Podcasting

Download iPodder, the cross-platform podcast receiver

The last 8 days has been non stop information overload.

The term "Podcasting" flashed across my computer screen while searching for iPod software, and I was instantly intrigued by the concept. It meant I no longer had to tune in to live Internet Radio. It meant I wouldn't even have to visit the corresponding website to download an archived mp3 of the show if I somehow missed it.

It meant TIVO for my iPod.

Podcasting is brand spanking new, and it was essentially developed by Adam Curry. (Yes, THAT Adam Curry, of MTV VJ fame.) I'll attempt to explain it a little beyond the TIVO reference. Basically, a program called iPodder lets you enter an RSS feed to a Podcast, and from then until forever, the program automatically checks for a new feed, downloads it, moves it to iTunes, creates a playlist for it, and updates your iPod. All of this happens automatically once it is setup.

The movement seems to be bristling with excitement right now. Everyone (hopefully this won't be limited to the geeks for long) is picking up a mic, a copy of Audacity, and making their own show. (If you want to hear some excellent examples, please see the links near the middle of the page.)

ALSO: The Good news. It ain't just for iPods anymore. Code is being written for this to be compatible with ANY mp3 player, but in my opinion it's going to be the most popular on the iPod platform.

So, I decided to dive into this headfirst, knowing virtually nothing about podcasting, show production, or xml. The result is Hardcore Insomnia Radio. It's goal is to entice you with new music and expose my listeners to completely awesome bands who are under the radar and unmarred by corporate radio.

And the occasional rant about Disneyland, parenthood, groupies, or whatever else springs to mind.

Also, don't be scared of by the techie talk or the Podcasting focus. This site is also about me. A butcher by day and computer tech by night. A walking contradiction. I'll post whatever is on my mind and try to keep it semi-interesting.

So enjoy!

To get in on the action, visit:

Thanks for reading, and for listening. Please take the time to make fun of me.
Have a great one.


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