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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Insomnia Radio #6: The Blood for Blood Family Tree

Uh oh. It's not 30 minutes . . .Must...try...harder...
Coming through the pipes: A loud adrenaline filled 51 minute show, but for good reason. Today's podcast highlights the raging energy that is Boston's Blood for Blood, but also their musical family tree. 5 bands. 2 brothers. All connected. All-out pure American Rock & Roll. This was a blast to produce. Enjoy!
Here is the direct BitTorrent Link.

Production Notes:
The Bands:

Shouts and Praise:


  • Hi again.

    I like what you are doing for the unsigned bands, but I think if you are going to make a difference and get more people podcasting, you have to make it possible to make money off it and for people to survive or supplement their income via podcasting.

    I don't want to hear advertisements, and its pretty hard to extract any money out of pennyless artists (ie you can't ask for money for putting their music up). Donations rarely work simply because its so hard to give a little money.


    Are you happy getting paid with kudos? Do you think more people will be happy just podcasting for free like you are? Maybe podcasting doesn't always need a business model ...

    Since you are actually doing all this, what do you think?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:37 PM  

  • I forgot to mention, the ideal business model shouldn't rely on any money gained from propelling artists to stardom, as that would narrow the music selection to tracks that you think would become a smash pop sensation...

    this would spiral back to the current situation - music suited for the largest cd-single-purchasing market - 13 year old girls. You can see that in the 'Idol' tv shows - very generic musicians who (if successful) will suit a large rich target market.

    Variety and popularity don't mix wonderfully.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:44 PM  

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