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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Insomnia Radio in Podcast Alley Top 10! But wait...

Whoever you are, where ever you are: Thanks. Your votes on Podcast Alley have spoken loudly.

But I'm on a mission
: I'm not chasing #1. I don't deserve that crown. (Personally I believe Jimmy Jett should own it.) All I want is to surpass the Dawn and Drew show, even if I'm kicked back out a day later. Help Insomnia Radio claim bragging rights and go vote at the Alley!

Here are the standings:
  1. Skinny Bones on air: 417 votes (Yikes!)
  2. Engadget: 300 votes
  3. Dawn & Drew Show: 159 votes
  4. Daily Source Code: 98 votes (umm..this seems a little low)
  5. Geek News Central: 35 votes
  6. Insomnia Radio: 26 votes
  7. Goin Deep: 24 votes
  8. Download 25 votes
  9. Slashdot Review: 23 votes
  10. Webtalk Radio Show: 22 votes
Please vote for the show when you have a minute. You guys rock. Thanks for sticking around :-)


  • Hey there,

    I checked out your podcast and liked it a lot, so I voted for you on and passed your feed address along to some friends, colleagues, etc

    Skinny Bones on Air

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