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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Let the listeners decide: 30 or 60

All things considered: Reality, the overwhelming # of podcasts to listen to, work, play, drinking binges, time spent watching the Simpsons and Seinfeld reruns...I pose this question:

Would you rather see a 30 minute or 60 minute Podcast from me (weekly)?

The 60 Minute episode seemed to garner a lot of positive feedback.
Then again, 30 minutes is tighter and more easily incorporated into a busy listening schedule.

thanks as always for your input. This show is for you.


  • I would prefer a 30 minute show, because there are so many other good Podcasts out there. And not everyone has the time to listen to all of them, so a 30 minute show would be better.


    By Blogger Björn, at 4:38 AM  

  • If its only weekly, then kick it to 60 minutes. You've got a good ear and know where to look while I don't... So, please share your expertise.

    By Blogger jpabad, at 7:23 AM  

  • Half an hour unless you've got a lot of good material. In which case, go nuts. Why not? It's a podcast, not a radio station time slot. That's the beauty.

    By Blogger Ricardo non-Montalban, at 10:13 AM  

  • This should come as no surprise so I'll just say it.

    30mins makes it a do-able down load even for dial up. Plus I never get to listen to eveything I want anyway and most are 30 or less.

    Still up to you since it IS your podcast.

    Thanks for asking


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:33 AM  

  • Like Always a very good show. I enjoyed all the music and look forward to your next show jason. I think a 30 minute show would be best, but it was a good ideah to throw in the garage edition and add a little extra time on it. keep up the good work bro, you ROCK!!!!!

    By Blogger thebek, at 9:31 PM  

  • Well, I'm thinking if you have the time to do a one hour show... but we all have 'tight listening schedules' why not make two half hour shows?
    Twice as hardcore, twice the insomnia... and hey! it's not radio so we could really just listen to it any time of the week... two podcasts for the price of one.
    My vote is for two half hour shows... please tell me I'm not the only one...

    By Blogger TimmyFunktastic, at 10:06 PM  

  • I must concurr with Timmy; 30 minutes is about what I would like to see in any podcast, but only 30 minutes of HCI per week is going to leave my workday pretty empty - if you can find the time I'd say 2 30 minutes shows per week.


    By Blogger kinrowan, at 6:43 PM  

  • 30 minutes, I'd say.

    --- adam
    (mathcaddy radio)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:12 AM  

  • Hard to say with music. 30 minutes can go by awfully quick. I think it would be an inspired call as opposed to a logical decision. Go with what feels right.

    Big Mike
    Reality Bitchcast Radio

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:00 AM  

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