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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Torrent vs. mp3; NEW Show Name!

Where do I begin?
I spent most of today feeling quite gloomy about the lack of subscribers to the show. There has been a nagging thought in the back of mind- a logical one: Quite simply, the name Hardcore Insomnia Radio implies to most people that the musical focus is on the GENRE of Hardcore. While the show touches it briefly, it's obviously much broader in scope. I feared that people would see the title and skip it, and based on the subscription numbers, I believe that suspicion is confirmed.

Thanks to the generosity of Thomas @ iPodio, the show will now be served in high quality direct mp3 format. No more firewall worries or bittorrent woes. In the next week, I'll be coding the RSS feed to reflect this, and eventually adding your choice of mp3 or torrent feeds.
From now on, the show will appear as a new podcast, and here is the NEW RSS Feed. PLEASE update your ipodder, doppler, etc. software to this link:

Huge thanks and appreciation to Thomas for giving me this opportunity. Stay tuned...


  • the radio8 show kicked ass!!! great. funny as hell. glad you're offering the mp3 now. BT was throwing me for a loop. rock on.
    mr. shark attack.

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