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Friday, December 31, 2004

Moving into 2005

Happy New Year everyone. I appreciate you taking this musical journey with me, and promise to bring you the best of what Radio doesn't in the coming year.

Take care. If you drink tonight, ditch your keys.

Insomnia Radio #13 coming at you before Jan. 2nd.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Indiefeed's Folk/America channel

Sadly, Indiefeed's Folk/America channel has been neglected lately, but that is about to be reversed...

Coming through the feed soon: The Glass and their masterpiece of a song "Tell Me It's Snowing."
If you ever enjoyed the counting crows or radiohead, this band will blow you away...

So, go subscribe! Here is the RSS for the Folk/Americana Channel.

If you're into single-song podcasts, go to Indiefeed and subscribe to whichever genre grabs your attention. There are very exciting things down the pipe, and we'd be honored if you took the ride with us...

Wednesday, December 29, 2004 Feature is up...

Simply unreal. Check out the front page! Read the 6.5 question interview and cast your vote for Insomnia Radio.
Thanks for sticking around, gang.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Insomnia Radio #12: Finally

With the Christmas chaos out of the way....

Insomnia Radio #12 Production Notes
Playing Time: 47:04

Fresno Bee Interview
In Over Your Head
What happened to
The Militia Group
MC Lars

Restoring Poetry In Music (RPM)
Burn Rome Burn

Random Note:
Know a local band that rocks your socks off? Send them my way. There are TWO places bands can receive exposure: here as well as Indiefeed.

The Show that Wasn't (or: Why I miss my little studio)

I, for one, am relieved to have christmas behind me...

Insomnia Radio #12 almost came at ya on christmas eve. I woke myself up at 6a.m. at Goulart Ranch in Fresno, CA, chugged my grandfathers "famous" coffee (that would be Folgers with a splash of brandy) and headed out to his workshop to record the show.

Unfortunately, between the obvious chattering of my teeth, and a key song on the playlist which turned out to be only HALF a track, and the random appearance of their gardener and his weedeater, it pretty much bombed...

Bare with me gang...The (thus far) 15 day gap between shows is not what I pictured, and I'm looking at doing another show ASAP...

Take care, and enjoy your new toys :-)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Fresno Bee Interview

This morning, Chris @ Indiefeed was contacted by Jody Murray, a reporter from the Fresno Bee. (For those of you not familiar, the Fresno, CA area is massive, and this is a widely read newspaper. )

Chris ended up pointing Jody towards Insomnia Radio, and I just wrapped up my first interview. Ever! The call ran about 30 minutes, and Jody asked some very meaningful and insightful questions, not just related to podcasting, but also centered around 'big radio' and music in the podosphere. I would be pleased if only a fraction of our conversation makes it to print. Needless to say, my excitement meter is pegged, and I will link to the article the moment it's published (it will be in hardcopy as well, but simultaneously published on the website.)

This is special to me on many levels: primarily because I was born and raised in Fresno. And it's the first bit of press I've ever personally received for the show...

Good things are happening :-) Stay Tuned...

Sunday, December 19, 2004

A tale of the timeline...

*Bold note to Your radio partners page needs to have streaming podcasts playing your music! That's right! I'll produce the 1st ever "" Podcast for you! Think about it ;-) *

Here's something for you to ponder:

"She" by Round 2 is played on the Dec. 4th episode of Insomnia Radio:
Announcement received 4 days later that it will be featured as's Track of the Day on Dec. 19th....

"New Morning" by Radio Junkyard is played on the Dec. 12 episode of IR: Accouncement received 5 days later that it will be Track of the Day on Dec. 20th.

"Lucky" by Stockhouse also played on the Dec. 12th episode, and yes: it was Track of the Day on Dec. 15th.

"Say What You Will" by Chance featured @ Indiefeed's Alt/Modern Rock channel on Dec. 15th.
Received update from three days later, that it will be their track of the day on Dec. 25th

You decide: Are members of listening? Do I have my finger on the pulse of great emerging artists? Or is this pure coincidence and my ego is being tickled for no good reason, and I simply have the same musical tastes as the majority of reviewers? :-)

Whatever your thoughts, & whatever the actual reason: It makes me feel accomplished, happy, that I'm making a difference in some small way, bringing you only the best new music I can dig up.

I still maintain that if we all just keep doing what we're doing, based on our passion and nothing else, great things will happen.

Thanks for reading, for listening, and for paying attention.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Insomnia Radio takes a Holiday

Ah, the holidays. Eggnog, quiet time with our loved ones, and ample time to sit back, reflect, and.....

Stress out!

Due to the chaotic nature of xmas, I'm taking a short vacation from Insomnia Radio, but will still be contributing music to Indiefeed like a madman.

Expect I.R. to be back with a vengeance shortly after Christmas. I have a lot of exciting things for you guys down the pipe.

Happy Holidays everyone...

Podcasting about Podcasting: The End

After listening to last weeks show, and considering a dozen swirling thoughts about the future of this show, I've decided there is only one thing to omit: talking about podcasting.

This is in part inspired by Jimmy Jett, who has decided to no longer mention or plug any other podcasts, and as a result, his show really feels and sounds, ultimately, like a radio broadcast.

The main focus is now music: no more ranting (THAT should be a challenge!), no more plugs, and no more tangeants.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know. This is your show, tell me what ya think.

Chance: Now Playing on Indiefeed Alt/Rock Channel

I'm VERY jazzed about this one. Chance gave us a kick ass Station ID as well. Enjoy this!
If you enjoy what we're doing, go vote for Indiefeed @ PodcastAlley!

Track: "Say What You Will"
Album: The 1st 5 Demos
Site: My Name Is Chance

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The "Pod People" are so...Human!

Amy Gahran has a blog focusing on how we communicate in the online age, and she recently discovered Podcasting. You'll enjoy this article! It's a must read from a different angle than usual. Very "human."

Monday, December 13, 2004

Adam Curry vs iPodio: Carry on without me

I posted the following comments to Adam Curry's weblog, as well as Thomas' from iPodio. I don't want 'damage control' to be necessary, because this show is my life. To have any negative opinions spring up from the devil of politics would make me cry. and scream. so please stick around, and if you're joining me for the first time: stay for the music, not for the hype.

"Jason here, from Insomnia Radio. Given that I am sponsored by iPodio, I need to chime in with MY two cents, which is: absolutely nothing.

Thomas, along with everyone in the free world, has the right to express his opinion-podcasting gives us that opportunity. However, please be aware that MY show does not contain politics, it never will, and it's all about the passion I have for music, and more importantly, giving great indie bands the spotlight they deserve. So, whatever your stance, please don't let this debate tarnish your view of Insomnia Radio...

Ok, continue the discussion without me :-)"

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Insomnia Radio #11 Production Notes

-Station ID courtesy of Andy from Sinister Dexter
-Opening sweeper courtesy of BradSucks
-Background Music: "My Wonderful Shadow" by the Aquamarines

Tangents & Rants:
  • Insomnia 11: Take Two (new equipment, new problems!)
  • Insomnia Radio to be featured @ Podcast Alley
  • The idiotic anti-podsquad rant (I'll regret that one)
  •'s David Whittemore writes in
  • Julien's gracious xmas present

Featured Bands:

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Insomnia Radio #11: Revisited

No time for production notes today, but Insomnia Radio #11 is out there in the podosphere, so go grab it :-)

Please forgive the inconsistencies, the show was done live alongside a few notes. (Those of you who do your shows "live:" Know that you have my utmost respect...)
Example: I said that David Whittemore from did NOT mention the word "podcast" in his email, which he DID. Blah...
I also started up an argument against Adam Curry's "podsquad" but didn't properly convey my reasoning...

It's a work in progress ;-) Thanks for listening.

I'll be back tonight with detailed notes and the usual links for each band.
Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, December 10, 2004

MC Lars: Playing @ IndieFeed's Alt/Rock Channel

MC Lars was even gracious enough to provide a Station ID for me. Thanks dude!
Also broke out the new Condenser mic and mixer for this one, and although I haven't tweaked the settings much, I'm very excited about the vocal quality. Enjoy!

The mp3
Production Notes (OPML)

The New "Studio:" Ready to Rock

I'm not even attempting to claim that this is an all pro setup :-)
But, for the record: Shows 1 thru 10 were all recorded using only a Shure vocal mic straight in to the soundcard mic input.

Now, the setup is: Marshall MXL 990 Condenser mic, along with the trusty iPod, routed through a Behringer UB802 preamp/mixer, into the sound card.
What does this mean? It means that for the first time, the upcoming Insomnia Radio #11 will be recorded "live", for better or for worse! (I've never done this before, so pray to your god feverishly) Please forgive any pending mistakes/audio disasters, but the sound quality should be much improved. My constant goal is to improve the show. (Keep your fingers crossed)

This should be a blast...Here's a quick snap of the equipment...(and HERE is a larger image)


Wednesday, December 08, 2004 Ready to Play!

Fantastic opportunities could be in the horizon with
Check out this forum post on podcastalley, and if you have any input, please post it there :-)

IndieFeed: Back with a Vengeance

Hallelujah! The problem with Radio Userland is finally resolved - 6 days later - let's hope this never happens again...

Expect extra servings of IndieFeed this week, especially under the Alt/Modern Rock channel.
Also, Julien from In Over Your Head will be co-hosting the Hip-Hop channel.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Radio Userland Sucks: The plight of IndieFeed

Because I am a contributor to IndieFeed, and because Chris probably has no hair left to pull out, I am linking to his most recent post here regarding Radio Userland and the lack of help he has received...If you know of any way to address the issue, or raise awareness to the right people, please respond here or to Chris...

It's Official: Radio Userland service SUCKS

Saturday, December 04, 2004

BIG fat huge amazing news...

Mission: I need a site redesign...desperately.
I'm shooting for a very clean, stylized look not restricted by Blogger's templates. If anyone can offer assistance (as I am for the most part HTML illiterate) I would be ultimately grateful.

Why?: International daily newspaper The Christian Science Monitor did an interview with Chris from IndieFeed today, and by next Friday morning when the article drops, I'm expecting a surge of traffic.(in part due to the content of the interview) This means great things for Indiefeed, Insomnia Radio, and the future of podcasting in general, specifically the ones using our voices as a platform for promoting indie bands...(Not to mention a great opportunity for the bands themselves were the shows to reach critical mass)

If you would be interested in helping me clean up this site a bit, be it modifying the template, or moving it altogether, please contact me. Thanks for reading, listening, and subscribing...

Finally: The New Microphone


MXL-990 Cardiod Condenser Mic with Shockmount
Hopefully you'll hear the difference in the next show :-)

Insomnia Radio #10: December 4, 2004

*Setting the record straight: I incorrectly cited the track "She" as being by Winston. It is in fact by Round 2, and their URL is included below....
Others party till they puke on Friday night, I hole up and do the show:-)
31 minutes crammed with 6 great tracks, a superb station ID courtesy of Chris, and a plea for votes after the fiasco at Podcast Alley.
Enjoy, crank it, and as always thanks for listening.
I welcome criticism, audio comments, and random thoughts...

Direct mp3
Insomnia RSS: Subscribe

Friday, December 03, 2004

...And Podcasting Hits Newsweek!

"...See that fellow with the telltale white iPod wires dangling from his ears? It would be reasonable to assume that he’s rocking out to his favorite tunes on his MP3 player. Reasonable, but quite possibly wrong. He might be enjoying a recent podcast....."

The full article is here...

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Winston is playing @ Indiefeed

An outstanding tune from Winston, "Bottom of the World", is now playing @ IndieFeed's Alt/Modern Rock Channel. Enjoy!

Subscribe to the feed here.
IndieFeed Home Page
Production Notes (OPML)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Cold Hard Truth about BitTorrent


"BitTorrent will only save podcasters bandwidth after they have gained a substantial following. If you only have 1000 listeners & put out a 10Mbps show every day, you're probably going to be the only seed for over 900 of those downloads. People don't leave the torrents running, they get what they want, and move along..."

Read the rest of the article Here.
My 2 cents: Given the dramatic increase in subscribership after moving away from torrents, and the points Thomas makes, I am beginning to sit on the anti-BT side of the fence...