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Monday, December 13, 2004

Adam Curry vs iPodio: Carry on without me

I posted the following comments to Adam Curry's weblog, as well as Thomas' from iPodio. I don't want 'damage control' to be necessary, because this show is my life. To have any negative opinions spring up from the devil of politics would make me cry. and scream. so please stick around, and if you're joining me for the first time: stay for the music, not for the hype.

"Jason here, from Insomnia Radio. Given that I am sponsored by iPodio, I need to chime in with MY two cents, which is: absolutely nothing.

Thomas, along with everyone in the free world, has the right to express his opinion-podcasting gives us that opportunity. However, please be aware that MY show does not contain politics, it never will, and it's all about the passion I have for music, and more importantly, giving great indie bands the spotlight they deserve. So, whatever your stance, please don't let this debate tarnish your view of Insomnia Radio...

Ok, continue the discussion without me :-)"


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