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Saturday, December 04, 2004

BIG fat huge amazing news...

Mission: I need a site redesign...desperately.
I'm shooting for a very clean, stylized look not restricted by Blogger's templates. If anyone can offer assistance (as I am for the most part HTML illiterate) I would be ultimately grateful.

Why?: International daily newspaper The Christian Science Monitor did an interview with Chris from IndieFeed today, and by next Friday morning when the article drops, I'm expecting a surge of traffic.(in part due to the content of the interview) This means great things for Indiefeed, Insomnia Radio, and the future of podcasting in general, specifically the ones using our voices as a platform for promoting indie bands...(Not to mention a great opportunity for the bands themselves were the shows to reach critical mass)

If you would be interested in helping me clean up this site a bit, be it modifying the template, or moving it altogether, please contact me. Thanks for reading, listening, and subscribing...


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