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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Cold Hard Truth about BitTorrent


"BitTorrent will only save podcasters bandwidth after they have gained a substantial following. If you only have 1000 listeners & put out a 10Mbps show every day, you're probably going to be the only seed for over 900 of those downloads. People don't leave the torrents running, they get what they want, and move along..."

Read the rest of the article Here.
My 2 cents: Given the dramatic increase in subscribership after moving away from torrents, and the points Thomas makes, I am beginning to sit on the anti-BT side of the fence...


  • I would have to disagree with you on this one good buddy. Although I completely understand you objection, BitTorrents are the future of podcasting, especially for us, the musiccasters (who podcast in stereo). We are still in the underling phase in our followings and having 10,000 listeners is still a ways off for many of us, but lets say you get some press and your listenership jumps, you and your site are absolutely screwed.

    That is where the BitTorrents are really useful, however as a practical application on a website bitTorrents are about as useful as the plastic wrapping on a CD - while a necessity, it can be frustrating and take 15 minutes to open.

    I strongly believe that all podcasters should have a MP3 downloadable file, for the podshopper on their website, and a torrent feed for the subscribed "iPodder" crowd. Downloadable torrents on a homepage are absolutely useless, if people are podshopping they want instant gratification of a MP3, but both will be a necessity in the future.

    I would also argue that every Podcast needs a 1 minute PodVertisement to give a listener an overview of their cast, but I guess we can leave that for our Skype call.

    By Blogger FuntimeBen, at 7:18 AM  

  • Funtime Ben has clearly given this more intelligent thought than I have. I don't mean to bash BT, and I DO believe that offering dual mp3/bittorrent feeds could save bandwidth. But until it's made simpler for listeners I will avoid it.

    But hey: regarding the Skype call. All o' you musical casters out there: Let's hook up on Skype and bash out the future of our little shows.

    Thanks for the input Ben.

    By Blogger Jason, at 9:06 AM  

  • I'd also like to bring up the bit rate question. I started at 128 and have moved to 96 and plan to drop even lower. I thought it would sound bad but after realizing the DSC is in 64 I see myself eventually going there. Last month each show was d/l alittle over 300 times, (I know that's not very good but....) and that put me very close to my site's 40Gig limit. If I maintain the same # of d/l this month and drop 64 I should have plenty of bandwidth. When and if I grow larger then I'll consider other ways to solve the problem. So in essense I don't need BT.

    5 Speed Cassette
    skype: mlzfalcon

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:38 AM  

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