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Sunday, December 19, 2004

A tale of the timeline...

*Bold note to Your radio partners page needs to have streaming podcasts playing your music! That's right! I'll produce the 1st ever "" Podcast for you! Think about it ;-) *

Here's something for you to ponder:

"She" by Round 2 is played on the Dec. 4th episode of Insomnia Radio:
Announcement received 4 days later that it will be featured as's Track of the Day on Dec. 19th....

"New Morning" by Radio Junkyard is played on the Dec. 12 episode of IR: Accouncement received 5 days later that it will be Track of the Day on Dec. 20th.

"Lucky" by Stockhouse also played on the Dec. 12th episode, and yes: it was Track of the Day on Dec. 15th.

"Say What You Will" by Chance featured @ Indiefeed's Alt/Modern Rock channel on Dec. 15th.
Received update from three days later, that it will be their track of the day on Dec. 25th

You decide: Are members of listening? Do I have my finger on the pulse of great emerging artists? Or is this pure coincidence and my ego is being tickled for no good reason, and I simply have the same musical tastes as the majority of reviewers? :-)

Whatever your thoughts, & whatever the actual reason: It makes me feel accomplished, happy, that I'm making a difference in some small way, bringing you only the best new music I can dig up.

I still maintain that if we all just keep doing what we're doing, based on our passion and nothing else, great things will happen.

Thanks for reading, for listening, and for paying attention.


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