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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Association of Music Podcasting

Ok. Many of who have been wondering "What the heck is AMP?" Here is your answer :-)

From our forthcoming AMP website:
AMP was formed in January 2005 to unite podcasters who play awesome, legally available independent music.

We are a bunch of music lovers who have access to great, mostly independent music that you probably haven’t heard of (yet). We provide a fresh alternative to the radio you may be used to. It is all 100% legal and safe to download. Each AMP member has his/her own unique podcast show, but we all share a passion for getting great new music heard, and we believe AMP helps everyone: music listeners, bands and labels, podcasters, and podcast service providers (PSPs).

I'd like to proudly welcome our 2 newest members:
Bandtrax & The Disposable Radio Show

Questions? Feel free to shoot me an email. If you are a podcaster playing independent music and are interested in joining the AMP family, let one of us know.


  • I have a podcast about music at I only podcast microtonal music, and have about a dozen shows so far. Count me in to AMP

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