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Friday, January 21, 2005

Insomnia Radio #15

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Insomnia Radio #15
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Running Time 1:00:46
Rating: Not Work Safe
Insomnia Comment Line (US) 206-350-1795
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The Bands:
  1. Hot Boogie Chillun: "Oh well" / Drunkabilly Records
  2. Taxi Doll: "Soft Kill" / Antidote Records
  3. Climb: "What You Call Love" / Unsigned
  4. The Catheters: "No Natural Law"/ SubPop
  5. The Helio Sequence: "Blood Bleeds" / SubPop
  6. Ulysses: "Sweetheart" / Thrift Store Records
  7. Caplyn: "Door to my Soul" / Unsigned
  8. Sherwood: "The Summer Sends It's Love" / Sidecho
  9. Manda and the Marbles: "Cheap Tragedies" / Addison
  10. The Glass: "Tell Me It's Snowing" / MakeShift Music
Plugs & Random Notes:
This marks the first time I have ever had a co-host, and I believe it went pretty well. Definitely not as easy as flying solo, but twice the fun. If you have any feedback, please drop me a line. As always, thanks for listening.


  • Great show, as usual. Thanks a million for playing my comments.

    One problem tho: Brodi. Or... The lack of Brodi, is more like it. Good two-person podcasts with two permanent hosts are usually good because of the chemistry between the two hosts. In the best co-hosted shows, you can tell from the start that the two hosts are good friends.

    I didn't get any of that with Brodi. Half the time I forgot that he was even there. His volume was a little low, and when you combine that with his low, laid-back voice, he was virtually inaudible for most of the time. Even bigger than that, he didn't talk most of the time. It seemed like he dropped in to leave a comment on whatever the discussion was, then dissapeared again.

    So I've got nothing against Brodi, he seemed pretty cool, but if you're gonna make this a permanent co-host arrangement, then Brodi should talk a bit louder and a lot more.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:13 AM  

  • First of all, awesome show. As usual, I wound up ordering a CD online as a result of listening to it (in this case, Sherwood...last time it was Berman). You're bad for my bank account but definitely good for my soul.

    Secondly, I think you're absolutely in the right for the decision you made to shy away from RIAA label music. I do not buy the "it's all about the music" argument simply because the RIAA sure as hell doesn't feel that it's all about the music...they feel it's all about the money and the lawyers, and to ignore that fact is asking for trouble. Furthermore, to say that a band that has signed with Sanctuary Records is "kinda underground" and "kinda independent" is "kinda naive".

    Third, Brodi. He's obviously a good guy if he's a bud of yours, but the whole thing just didn't click very well for me. Maybe it's just about giving you guys time to get used to each other or giving him time to develop his own style and podcast personality, but it came off as sort of Robin Quivers-ish, and the witty repartee just wasn't happening. But then again, I get cranky if they add a new character to a TV show I'm watching, so it's probably just me.


    Sam - Tampa, FL

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:40 PM  

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