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Monday, February 21, 2005

Feb 22: Great Day for Music Enthusiasts

The Time has finally come!
Today is special to me, as two of Insomnia Radio's staple artists release their magic to the world.

Chance: Taste of the Good Life
The 10th single from Chance, and a masterpiece of a song, with intelligent lyrics and more rock than a crackhouse.
-Pick it up HERE. And while you're there, absorb not just the music, but everything surrounding it. Geekout to equipment notes, see the genesis of the song, poster art, and more.
Special thanks to Chance for including a promo I recorded in his most recent newsletter, going out today to 1,000's of his loyals listeners...


Manda and the Marbles: Angels With Dirty Faces
A licorice-whip of sweet 80's style power pop. Anyone who listens to podcasts probably knows about this rising Columbus, OH band. If not, now is your chance. Ya won't be disappointed.
-Buy it right here.
-Check out the eCard right here.

And stay tuned for Insomnia Radio #20, coming soon....


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