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Saturday, March 12, 2005

IR #21: Rock the @!#% Out!

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Episode #21: SAY IT SAY IT SAY IT
12 bands, the usual rants, and a hard-edged flavor...
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Running Time: 1:03:42
PodRating: Not Work Safe or Child Safe or Kenny G safe
...and don't hate me for "Suicide Bomber"

The Bands:
  1. King Karma: Breathe
  2. The Addictions: Candy
  3. Jets to Brazil: Milk & Apples
  4. The Thought Criminals: Suicide Bomber (here comes the flame mail)
  5. Ten Ways from Sunday: Gotta Get It
  6. Limbeck: Julia
  7. The Parkdale Hookers: Stop Draggin Us Nowhere Baby
  8. Ramallah: Sleep
  9. This Day & Age: Seven Eighty
  10. At Dusk: Come Too Far
  11. The Asphalt: Time & Place
  12. Tourist: Everytime We Touch
Mental Doodles & Asides:
Tonight's show fueled by: Alice White 2004 Shiraz/South Eastern Australia.
Maybe Grape Radio could suggest some superior wine?

Next Show: Insomnia Radio/Atlanta (really)

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