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Friday, March 18, 2005

Maximum PC: Listen to the Podcasts

I was overcome with surprise when I tore open my copy this morning. In a feature entitled "How To...Stream Net Radio To Your Mp3 Player" (April 2005), Will Smith opens up the story with podcasting, giving his readers a brief tutorial.

What's better than podcasting being mentioned in a magazine read by millions of tech savvy individuals who will adopt podcasting in a heartbeat? How about:
  • Including iPodder on the bundled CD
  • Including Insomnia Radio & Indiefeed among their Top 5 Favorites! Hell yea!
Maximum PC has always rocked, and now they have my permanent subscription ;-)
Note to new readers/listeners: We actually do TWO shows here: Insomnia Radio is our regular show, and "Double Shots" is a 4 song journey into the mellow side of Insomnia Radio. If you're hearing Double Shots and it's not your style, stay tuned...


  • yep, read the article and I am downloading your feed as we speak. Got a iPod mini just to podcast. I am pumped!

    By Blogger Hunter Walker, at 8:27 AM  

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