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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Double Shots: Round 6

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Pippa Rogers:
Pippa brings us intimate acoustic coffee shop gems. These solo recordings sound like she's opening up her soul, sitting in a corner, and singing only for you. Pippa just recently assembled a full band, so Double Shots is looking forward to hearing more...In the meantime, she can be found spending her musical nights in Cardiff, Wales.

I've been Loved (4:09)
I'll be with You (3:07)

Samantha Murphy:
"Most artists say that music is an outlet and an expression of their feelings. For me, music is my feelings. I’m as one with it as I am my skin. It’s all I’ve ever known."
--Samantha Murphy--

I wanna go Home (3:29)
Miss Takes (3:02)

-From her brand new album "Somewhere Between Starving & Stardom"

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