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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Insomnia Radio #30: 2 Hour Blowout!

Yes, you guys know the drill by now :-)

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Take care all!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Insomnia Radio #29: Global Rock * Slew of News

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Double Shots Round 10

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The Cloves & Sebastian Ciceri

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Insomnia Radio #28

Insomnia Radio is dead.
Long live Insomnia Radio

(In other words, it's time to leave blogger behind. Show notes aren't here anymore.)
Also, this is the last show on the old RSS Feed (
So, please change to

Business Week Online's Top 8 Picks

Today, Business Week released a series of articles highlighting Podcasting.

They also produced a slideshow of their Top 8 picks. I am absolutely honored to be included alongside Chris from IndieFeed representing the only 2 music shows (you rock dude!), with the following shows...

Daily Source Code
IT Conversations
Morning Coffee Notes
One America Committee Podcast
In Our Time
Voices from the Vault

They even gave a plug and link to AMP, so kudos to Business Week for paying attention!

Here's the direct link to the slideshow:
Friends, bands, longtime listeners: At the end of the slideshow you can vote for Insomnia Radio! Cast it! Currently we're in 3rd place behind Daily Source Code and IT Conversations. Not too shabby :-)

Thanks gang! More Insomnia Radio coming soon

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Insomnia Radio: Greatest Anti-Hits V1

Time for some extra content!
The first in a series of specials bringing bands featured on older shows back into the limelight, and checking in on their progress along the way.

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From the vault:
To many of you, these songs will be brand new. Enjoy them. Devour them. Crank it. These are gems.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Double Shots: Round 9 / HIJACKED!

On today's Double Shots, I steal the mixer, grab the mic, jack into blogger, and bring you two superb artists from the vault of the Independent Anthem!

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1st up: Syd

Syd's music is a bit difficult to pin down and label completely. With each track from his latest CD, Fault Lines, I kept trying to fit him into a tiny labeled box, but was met with frustration at each attempt and with each passing track. In fact, Syd was one of the reasons why I changed the format of this show from introducing multiple artists with similar styles to the "one artist/one show" style that I have currently adopted. I was having a hard time figuring out where exactly to place his music. He isn't folk. He isn't pop. He isn't rock. He is a pleasant mixture of all of these, and then some, yet he pulls it off tremendously well. Syd is the reason why I love independent music, diversity and devoid of any "formula". It is real and straight from the soul of the artists.

All I know
The Bottom

Next: Smokescreen

I found Smokescreen from and was quickly drawn to their promise of sending a free CD. I jumped over to their website,, which proved it absolutely true. Their entire CD was released under their own label, Closetspace Records, and was completely free of charge to anyone that asked for it. What a surprise and a real rarity in all the bands and artists that I have been looking at over the past few months.

The quality of the CD is pretty damn good, considering that the band recorded this album completely on their own. I have said this before, and I will certainly say it again, this album should serve as a testimate to what is possible with today's digital technology. A couple hundred dollars on decent microphones, a solid digital recorder and/or good multitrack recording software, a little bit of know-how and a lot of patience is what went into Activate. What came out was a great sounding EP that I have been really enjoying since I received it.


That's it from me! Mission Accomplished!
Check out The Independent Anthem, where we feature in depth coverage of one new independent artist per week!

-David Betz

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Insomnia Radio #27: Fueled by Guinness

Hmmm....shownotes while intoxicated. This could take some time....
Running Time: about 32 minutes
Download it!

Subscribers to the new feed already have this! just some incentive to SWITCH ;-) (PLEASE!)

Could be that I'm a bit drunk, but there's just something about this collection of tracks....

5 More GREAT reasons Insomnia Radio exists:
Notes, drunken ramblings...blah blah...
  • Bandtrax goes into promo overdrive
  • Guinness is good
  • GoodBeerShow
  • Cowbell + Guitar Solos = KICK ASS Rock song (see Leonard...)
Next Up: Double Shots Round 9!
Thanks for listening gang!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Insomnia Radio #26

Multiple disclaimers:
Sometimes one should NOT go back and listen to the show they just recorded. This can result in repeated cursing when one realized they misprounounced "bullocks" "DIY" and several other hosting disasters...

But it's all about the music right? So forgive the lack of brain power and caffeine as I bring you a short show focusing a bit on the mellow...

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5 Reasons Insomnia Radio exists:
  1. Dave Dill: See you in the Sunshine / BUY CD @ CDBaby
  2. Billy Harvey: Like a Boy (PLEASE visit this ROCKS!) / BUY CD @ CDBABY
  3. Madly: December (Visit the site for CD info)
  4. Trillion: In My Head / BUY CD @ CDBaby
  5. The Republic: Second Chance / Buy it @ SonicBoom
Notes and random stuff:

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Double Shots: Round 8 (Guest Host Matt Galligan)

Download the MP3 Here.
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Major thanks to my special AMP host Matt Galligan of The Spotlight Podcast.
Tonight, two bands selected by Matt, perfect for the Double Shots family.

The Infinity Room:
  1. Plan of Attack
  2. The Last Word
From the CD: They Will Only See Us When We Hit The Ground
Buy it @ The Infinity Room store.

Cary Judd:
  1. Ugly Letters
  2. The First Farewell
From his CD: Perfect Uncertain
Buy it @ CDBABY

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Insomnia Radio #25: Enter "The Rich"

Running Time: 61 minutes
Direct Mp3 Link

11 Reasons Insomnia Radio Exists: (and these are GOOD reasons)
  1. Side Dish: Freedom and Young
  2. Jet By Day: Paperweights
  3. Arkitekt: Greatest Romances
  4. Redesign: Wait for You
  5. American Suicide: Want it Bad
  6. Troubled Hubble: Dulcinea Duct Tape
  7. Adam Stidham of BOUND: About a Crime
  8. Y-O-U: Good Intentions
  9. For the Horizon: What a Lovely Solution
  10. Merit: Left of Center
  11. Thunderhawk: 60's Mantis
Mental Doodles, Notes, Rants, and Plugs:

And lastly: I absolutely love this:

The KSSX Music Showcase is coming soon to AMP...
And I guarantee that Eric Rice will shake things up...

Friday, April 29, 2005

Podshow vs AMP

Today, Adam Curry and Ron Bloom released their "Podshow Strategy Cast." In it, they outlined the basic structure and current staff of Podshow. The cast also had a few distinct quotes I'd like to bring to your attention.

#1:Adam Curry:
"We need a place where that can come together. Where you can find music you can play on your show. Find out what's being played alot, what's hot....."

#2: Ron Bloom:
"Producers aren't banding together to build their own listener base. Everybody talks about a democracy, but to be one, everybody has to come together and work towards a common goal."

They issue a call for an independent music community for artists, bands, and podcasters to unite, that apparently does not exist.

You have GOT to be kidding me. It's interesting: I think I've heard of something along these lines called the Association of Music Podcasting. A group that has banded together quite strongly, with over 20 shows in it's umbrella, all aligned with the same purpose: Promote Independent music. What's also strange is I recall hearing Curry repeatedly praising AMP for what it's doing (DSC 2-18 & DSC 2-25), and he now acts as if the association does not exist.

I need to make it clear to all of you, my awesome listeners, that as the founder of AMP, I take this very personally.
Listen to the music Curry typically plays on his show, and tell me honestly that he is even remotely interested in passionately promoting the indie music scene...

As the Podshow camp develops it's strategy and aligns itself with advertisers, staff, and clever ways to profit off the bands and shows they sign, I'd like to urge all of you to visit, join our forum, and take an active role in the FIRST music-podcasting based community. Bands, submit your music to our library and plug your music...Listeners, say whatever is on your mind!

Sorry if this a bit off the beaten path for this blog, but it's very relevant to Insomnia Radio. It's a shame that Podshow is flat out ignoring the existence of AMP.
Thanks for reading my rant. It's much shorter than I'd like it to be, but hopefully the point is clear.

One more thing: Podcast Alley officially sucks. Don't ya just LOVE that Paris Hilton banner, with the footnote: "Another CastBlast"

later gang...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Chance & The Choir: LIVE

Chance & The Choir: Live @ The Gig in Hollywood: April 9th, 2005

MP3: 64MB
Running Time 54:00

It is with a ridiculously wide grin that I bring you this show, in it's entirety. The audio just can't match the thrill and energy of being there in person, but upon listening I hope you discover another talented dimension of Chance.

Oh, and listen for Man On A Mission...Sneak preview of a new single? Perhaps ;-)

I was front and center for the show, and I'll be the first to say boldly it was the tightest most entertaining concert I've seen to date. Short and sweet. Heavy and melodic. Raw and energetic. Now someone PLEASE sign this guy so he can bring his live show to the world!

Enjoy gang...
Insomnia Radio Future:
IR 25 / Double Shots Round 8 (with Guest Host Matt Galligan) / Story of Blue LIVE /

Monday, April 25, 2005

Insomnia Radio: Marwood MiniShow

Running Time: 18:52
Rating: Work Safe!
Direct Download
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Marwood hits us from NYC, and they bring along perfectly polished Alternative Pop.
Today we've got 3 live tracks from the band, and a preview of their brand-spanking new 6 track E.P.
Buy It @ CDBaby

Live Tracks:
Name to me no More

Studio Track:
Can't Say

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Double Shots: Round 7

With Special Guest Pod-Jockey Brian Dewitt from De-Fi Radio!

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First up: Ronnie Day

Ronnie is only 17. His debut CD "Nine Sleepless Nights" was written, produced, engineered and distributed entirely on his own. Inspiration is definitely drawn from Dashboard Confessional, but this guy has the potential to eclipse them in no time. Enjoy!

1: half moon bay
2: outside

Next Up: Cub Country

One day, Jets to Brazil bassist Jeremy Chatelain set out to record an album inspired by AM country-tinged rock tunes. (Think acoustic Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, and Willie Nelson hashing it out in a Brooklyn tenement) He set up in his apartment's spare bedroom, and later emerged with "High Uinta High"

1. St. Loius
2. High Uinta High

Let me wrap this up by giving a huge shout-out to Brian @ De-Fi Radio. Brian's show is a gem which I hope will garner a much larger audience soon. His musical selections are top-notch. Take my word for it, if you enjoy the music on my show, you'll dig his as well....
Check out his 4th show

Monday, April 18, 2005

Holy Crap!

I love you guys. As of right now, Insomnia Radio officially has 2,000 subscribers!!

Insomnia Radio #24: The Mellow One

Suggested Companions:
A clock that reads 1 am, and a bottle of Shiraz
Running Time: 55:32
Insomnia Radio's NEW Podcast RSS

8 reasons Insomnia Radio exists

  1. Husky Rescue: City lights * Label: Minty Fresh
  2. The Drew Davis Band: Burn * Label: Unsigned
  3. IDA: Late blues * Label: Polyvinyl
  4. Trillion: Shattered
  5. Kimya Dawson: I will never forget * Label: K Records
  6. The Infinity Room: Dirty little secret * Label: Unsigned
  7. GrayStar: Life support * Label: Unsigned
  8. Vienna Teng: Lullaby for a stormy night
Notes * Plugs * Mental Doodles
IR Future: Double Shots 7, Cool Waters Live, Chance & The Choir Live, Thorp Records Hardcore Special, Marwood Live, IR 25, phew...keep your ears open!

The Chance Interview: Conclusion

Chance and I wrap up the conversation with topics ranging from Florida State Football, to Podcasting, to evil record labels and the brilliance of iTunes. Feedback is welcome:

Insomnia Radio RSS

Sunday, April 17, 2005

There are still about 1400 of ya that need to subscribe to the New RSS Feed ;-)
I know I'm pushing it, but the old one is going to get zapped in less than two weeks, and I don't want to lose any of you kick ass Insomniacs.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Chance Interview: Part 2 of 3

Chance & I discuss the "Friends of Chance", grassroots approaches to music, cover songs, and Marilyn Manson hating Adam Sandler movies.

Contains Chance's cover of When Doves Cry, and news of his most challenging cover to date: How do you improve "The Milkshake Song?"

Stay tuned...

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